Undergraduate Students

The job listings included in this resource are provided as a free service by the American Chemical Society Education Division for students who want to pursue a career in the chemical sciences and seek some practical experience during their undergraduate education. The jobs include research experiences, internships, co-ops, and others. These opportunities are available globally in private companies, academic institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit associations.

Use the job type buttons (Co-op, Internship, Research Experience, and Other) at the top of the job listing page or the checkboxes just above the list of jobs to filter only the jobs in the category that interests you. Using the “Search Jobs” box, you can look for jobs by location, employer, or any key word(s) in the text of the job description. You can get back to the job listing page by clicking on the title graphic that is at the top of every page.

  • Research experiences include summer employment and other research opportunities. Most of these positions are paid.
  • Internships include positions that involve students in career-related and problem-solving activities that are similar to what entry-level employees experience. The term of employment is usually tailored to fit within the breaks in the scholastic year—typically the summer recess. Less typical are part-time intern appointments during the school year, if your school is close enough to your employer and your course load permits it. Internships may be paid or unpaid.
  • Co-op students usually work full-time in a field related to their major for an extended period during the traditional school year (graduating up to a year later than classmates) and become part of a working team within the sponsoring organization. Co-op positions are typically paid.

While this list is extensive, it does not include every opportunity that may be available. In addition to this job board, try searching sites such as indeed.com or simplyhired.com using the key words “chemistry intern” to find corporate opportunities that may not be listed here.

If you are interested in working at a particular organization that is not listed here, you should contact the organization directly. Visit the web sites of the companies included in the Get Experience database to see if new opportunities have been posted. There may be opportunities that have not been widely publicized or you might be able to create your own unique experience.

Graduate Students, Post-Docs, and Other Graduates

Graduate students, post-docs, and other graduates use the ACS Careers page to find employment opportunities and other services.


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